Cosmetici naturali olistici funzionali Therine Skin Care


The idea of Therine Skin Care Cosmetics has been inspired by many years spent in applied research field on complex biological systems. The interaction mechanisms between an active principle and the receptor site are the key of modern pharmacology, very similar to the principles of functional cosmetic.

Our main challenge is to preserve the purity of the precious natural raw material making it bio-available for an effective, intense and evocative skin care experience.


Paolo Piazzetta
Chemist – Ceo Therine


Nature is inspiration and resource and our ingredients list certifies it.
Therine does not include the use of formaldehyde derivates, Sls / Sles / Als, synthetic antioxidants, chemical chelators, dyes, parabens and harmful preservatives, mineral oils, synthetic thickeners, petroleum derivatives.

Packaging is important for us, designed to preserve the physical characteristics of the cosmetic. The used materials are recyclable, in full compliance with a totally eco-sustainable vision.
The use of paper packaging is limited and our boxes are designed for re-use.