Eternal youth Regimen

Eternal Youth

Anti-Aging Protocol

Immersed in a lush ritual of anti-aging beauty, each application awakens a palpable wonder, revealing luminous and radiant skin, as if time surrenders to ageless beauty. With each step of this enchanting anti-aging protocol, the sensation of transformation becomes tangible, while the skin reveals its incredible renewal capacity, offering a timeless beauty experience.


Pure Revitalizing Cleanser



CÒSMO embodies order, a return to original purity. This luxurious cleansing and makeup remover treatment harnesses the natural richness of donkey milk (60%), the energy of red vine, and the softness of precious oils for a regenerating action.

This formulation, free from surfactants for a precious cleansing ritual, allows for the restoration of the correct hydro-lipid balance and the removal of makeup and impurities while respecting the skin.


Illuminating Revitalizing Toner


A toning, regenerating, and smoothing lotion that awakens the skin and the senses with vibrant and fresh olfactory notes. A precious daily elixir to protect the skin from pollution and free radicals. An ideal dermocosmetic treatment to be used daily to renew hydration, thanks to its pleasant formulation, it absorbs quickly, leaving a dry, smooth, and non-greasy touch. 


Regenerating Anti-Aging Face Cream



REGALIA is a gift, purity without blemish, satisfaction of every need. An exclusive formulation containing 60% Donkey Milk, a natural beauty elixir, an extraordinary source of precious active substances, which provides the skin with balanced nourishment and promotes the right hydro-lipid balance, giving it a soft and velvety appearance. An elegant dermocosmetic treatment, ancient in its essence, regal in its simplicity.


Restorative Eye Contour Cream



PSÌCHE is vital breath, a glimpse into the soul. An extraordinary cosmetic caress containing 60% Donkey Milk and pure oils, it regenerates the eye contour and provides brightness (Mullein Flowers) and tone (Hyaluronic Acid). It gives a plump and vital appearance from the first use thanks to the synergistic action of Green Coffee and Licorice, decongesting and reducing bags and dark circles.

Donkey Milk

Donkey milk is an ingredient rich in beneficial substances for the skin, including lipids, proteins, vitamins (such as vitamin A, B-group vitamins, vitamin C, and E), minerals (such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and zinc), and essential fatty acids like linoleic acid and oleic acid. This unique molecular composition allows donkey milk to penetrate the skin effectively, providing deep hydration, nourishment, and promoting cellular renewal.

Red vine and bilberry

Red vine and bilberry extract is a potent combination for skincare, thanks to the presence of bioactive compounds such as polyphenols, anthocyanins, flavonoids, and vitamins. These ingredients provide strong antioxidant action that protects the skin from damage caused by free radicals, thus slowing down the aging process. Additionally, red vine and bilberry extract promote skin microcirculation, improving tissue oxygenation and helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines. Due to its molecular composition, this extract is able to provide effective support in the fight against signs of aging, giving the skin a younger, firmer, and brighter appearance.

Green Coffee Extract

Green coffee extract is a cosmetic ingredient rich in chlorogenic acid, polyphenols, and natural caffeine. This combination of bioactive compounds gives green coffee potent antioxidant and draining properties, which help counteract free radicals and reduce skin swelling. Thanks to its stimulating action on skin microcirculation, green coffee extract promotes the drainage of excess fluids, thereby reducing the appearance of dark circles and under-eye bags. Additionally, the caffeine contained in green coffee has toning and firming properties, which help improve skin elasticity and reduce the visibility of signs of aging. When used regularly, green coffee extract can help maintain youthful, toned, and luminous skin.