The idea of Therine Skin Care Cosmetics was born from years of experience in applied research focused on complex biological systems.
The mechanisms of interaction between an active ingredient and the receptor site are the key to modern pharmacology, completely similar to true functional cosmetics.
Our challenge is to preserve the purity of the precious natural material by making it bio-available for effective, intense and evocative skin care.

Dr. Paolo Piazzetta
Chemist – Founder Therine
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Dr. Paolo Piazzetta
During his young career, Paolo Piazzetta has already get some discoveries and inventions, including an innovative patented molecular technology. THERINE was born from the aim of bringing benefits to as many people as possible on a daily basis.
The idea of exploiting the functional characteristics of the precious natural raw materials by making them bioavailable, devising paradigms
of application and use of the cosmetic to enhance its qualities and enhance its action, creating a natural, functional and holistic skin care. THERINE tells an ancient and innovative story, a cosmetic created to give an evocative beauty ritual, with proven and certified scientific bases.
    From nature to nature. Each formulation is the result of rigorous research, a combination of naturalness and functional - sensorial performance.
    THERINE is inspired by the ancient practice of personal care and beauty: the use of natural materials in purity is a daily ritual of bodily and mental regeneration.
    THERINE is blend between olfactory notes, colors and touch for a complete multisensory experience aimed at removing stress promoting physical rebirth.