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The concept of natural cosmetics is associated with the total absence of ""synthetic"" components, mineral and petroleum derivatives. However, this is often a misleading simplification that reassures the consumer about the quality of the product as we have now been accustomed to evaluating only the Ingredient List, within the limit of the technical understanding of the formula. The situation is, however, much more complex and deserves a reflection: it has become common belief that everything that is natural is also healthy. Secondly, it is important to understand that even natural raw materials that are undoubtedly effective often pollute much more than a silicon or synthetic ingredient."

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Immagine della confezione di Neroluce che è un prodotto a base di carbone di Therine da utilizzare come maschera per il viso.
Therine puts the planet first
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Therine uses ecological and biodegradable processes through an extraction technology that respects the environment. We believe in responsible science for responsible beauty
Foto ambientata di Regalia che è una crema viso anti age rigenerante di Therine.


Therine is responsible at every stage of the process. Our carefully crafted formulas are packaged and shipped in eco-friendly renewable, recyclable, and certified sustainable materials.


The way our raw materials are created, grown, and collected is as important as their quality. Respecting the environment and protecting ecosystems is central to our empowering natural beauty philosophy.
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Therine is daylight, summer solstice, renaissance of beauty

Combined with a skilful formulation, raw materials represent the core of our cosmetic philosophy, developed to give you a functional, evocative and natural skin care routine
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    Without harmful parabens and preservatives, mineral derivatives and synthetic thickeners.
    Ancient and precious ingredients are expertly blended to evoke suggestive rituals.
    Pure natural raw materials and rigorous scientific research for functional cosmetics.